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Noteworthy articles about our campaign to restore the Mississippi River Delta.

Aug 20 Watch Us on SportingDog Adventures This Week

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Vanishing Paradise joins Jeff Fuller, his three sons Clayton, Cole and Callahan, and the rest of the crew from SportingDog Adventures on an episode airing this week to talk about the waterfowl conservation issue of our generation. The SportingDog Adventure crew travels to the Mississippi River Delta to hunt with Vanishing Paradise to learn about … read more »

Oct 29 Daily Comet: New land created in nearby Wax Lake Delta

The tremendous growth of the Wax Lake Delta has made it a haven for waterfowl, said Chris Macaluso, coastal outreach coordinator with the Louisiana Wildlife Federation. “This is one of the truly great waterfowl grounds in the country,” he said. “Barataria-Terrebonne used to have areas that looked like this, but you won’t see the kinds … read more »

Oct 23 A Letter to the Editor: BP Must be Held Accountable

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Chris Macaluso gives a sportsman’s take on the rumors that the U.S. Justice Department may be nearing a settlement with BP over oil spill damages in a letter to the Houma Courier/Thibodaux Daily Comet.- An Oct. 17 article in The Courier and Daily Comet titled “BP settlement could remove local control” detailed purported information circulated … read more »

Sep 12 Baton Rouge Advocate: Letter to the Editor: Use coast funds for coast

Chris Macaluso’s letter to the editor was recently published in the Baton Rouge Advocate. Hurricane Isaac is the fifth powerful tropical system to leave an unforgettable mark on south Louisiana in the last seven years. Each of these storms, from Katrina and Rita to Gustav and Ike and now Isaac had its own characteristics and … read more »

Aug 30 Outdoor Life: Gulf Conservation Crisis: Hurricane Isaac Update

“Jared and I will be headed out in the boat as soon as it’s safe to do so (probably two days). We’ll be looking to evaluate marsh conditions southeast of New Orleans down into lower Plaquemines Parish. Of particular interest will be the status of aquatic vegetation in the duck ponds. With all of the … read more »

Jul 16 Outdoor Life: Rookies vs. Redfish

The best part of the trip wasn’t catching fish. The best part was being surrounded by the pulsating life of the Mississippi River delta. The best part was being surrounded by people, each and every one different from the next, with the same passion for the land that is quickly disappearing—people who are fighting to … read more »

Jul 13 Field & Stream: How I Fish: An Interview With Ryan Lambert of Cajun Fishing Adventures

We know how to fix the delta, but it’s not being done. It is extremely easy to fix, because all you need to do is reconnect the river in strategic spots to make the sediments flow like Mother Nature intended. The whole place is so special. To an outdoorsman, this delta is on the same … read more »

Jul 13 Field & Stream: Why My Favorite Fishing Spot is Being Washed Away

I have written many times that the Mississippi Delta in Louisiana is one of my all-time favorite places on Earth to fish. It is so vast you can spend a week running back creeks and bayous and never see another angler. And, by the way, if you think this is purely a salt game, you’re … read more »

Jul 13 Outdoor Life: A Paradise Lost

The National Wildlife Federation’s initiative to heal the impaired Louisiana Gulf Coast is called “Vanishing Paradise,” and nothing could be closer to that description than the view from Jacques Blaize’s fishfinder. We are parked on the western, or Gulf of Mexico side, of Highway 23, the asphalt lifeline that connects this southernmost watery tip of … read more »

Jul 12 Outdoor Life: The Duck Pipeline

One of the most important pipelines for sportsmen is the one that our waterfowl migrate through each winter and spring. The end of the pipe near where I live in Montana is the famous duck factory of the Plains that extends through the pothole region of the Dakotas up into Canada. These fertile grounds are … read more »

Jul 11 Outdoor Life: Why I Love Fishing the Marsh

In 2009 we were looking for a new location to conduct the annual Outdoor Life Fishing Tackle Test. Deputy Editor Gerry Bethge suggested we headquarter at Captain Ryan Lambert’s Cajun Fishing Adventures in Buras, Louisiana, and test the new rods and reels against the sea trout, largemouths and giant redfish that occupy the marshes of … read more »

Jul 10 Outdoor Life: Mother Nature Got it Right the First Time

The area where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico is one of the most engineered places in the country. For two centuries people have drained marshes, rerouted the river and built about 2,000 miles of levees. The result has been destruction from hurricanes and land loss. Many experts are now saying (and some … read more »

Jul 09 Field & Stream: Conservation Update: The Gulf Gets a Win, But the Losses for Sportsmen Keep Coming

Sportsman’s groups from Ducks Unlimited to the Louisiana Wildlife Federation and everywhere in between were celebrating the passage of the RESTORE Act last week. Land Tawney of the National Wildlife Federation said, “The RESTORE Act is the culmination of years of work from hunters and anglers all across the nation, all working to restore the … read more »

Jul 09 Outdoor Life: The Biggest Habitat Catastrophe You've Never Heard Of

In reality, however, a threat far greater than any hurricane or oil spill threatens to bring more catastrophe to southern Louisiana. This threat doesn’t garner many headlines yet should be at the forefront of our collective thoughts as sportsmen. Each year, a chunk of land about the size of Manhattan turns into open water in … read more »

Jul 02 Chicago Now: Vanishing Paradise Hails Congressional Progress on RESTORE Act

The RESTORE Act has been an important initiative in conservation legislation for hunters and anglers from across the country due to the 10 million migratory waterfowl that winter or stopover on the Mississippi River Delta and the hugely significant commercial and recreational fishery the Gulf produces. The amendment comes at a crucial time for an … read more »

Jun 28 Outdoor Life: Big Win for Outdoorsmen: Senate Moves to Pass RESTORE Act

It’s been seven years since Hurricane Katrina devastated southern Louisiana, and two since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion threatened to throw a knock-out punch to North America’s most fertile waters and wetlands. At long last, it seems as if recovery help is on the way thanks to the unified voices of Vanishing Paradise, a … read more »

Jun 07 Conservation: Making Land

The Wax Lake Delta “is by far the best example of what can be done to restore coastal wetlands that I’ve ever seen. It is incredible.” Replicating it elsewhere, however, will be no easy task. It would mean punching expensive new holes into the levees and dikes that now straitjacket the Mississippi and the Atchafalaya, … read more »

Mar 30 Field & Stream: The Conservationist

In other good news, the powerhouse Shimano American Corporation, one of the world’s largest tackle manufacturers (they make the G. Loomis rod, my personal favorite for Louisiana marsh fishing), has signed a letter of support for the Vanishing Paradise campaign to restore the Louisiana marshes and the Mississippi Delta. Shimano joins other giants such as … read more »

Mar 14 Field & Stream: Conservation Update

The RESTORE Act passed a major hurdle in the Senate. If blessed by the House and signed by President Obama, this means 80 percent of Clean Water Act fines resulting from the Deepwater Horizon disaster will be spent on restoring the Gulf Coast that event damaged. This is a huge victory for the Mississippi River … read more »

Sep 07 Field & Stream: Wax Lake Delta: Accidental Eden in the Atchafalaya

I want to shoot a big gar, but what I’m most fired up about today is that we’re going to walk on the newest land in North America, a wild delta mud country that did not even exist twenty years ago, all of it teeming with fish and gators and flocks of waterfowl and cooking … read more »

Sep 02 Baton Rouge Advocate: A Letter to the Editor: Questions of coastal land-building

Chris Macaluso gives a sportsman’s take on the impact of diversions on the coastal wetlands of the Mississippi River Delta in a letter to the Baton Rouge Advocate.- I read with great interest Amy Wold’s front-page article Sunday, Aug. 28, titled Help or Harm, detailing a report by LSU’s Eugene Turner and others questioning the … read more »

Jul 26 Lone Star Outdoor News: Nick Conklin's excellent (angling) adventure

I couldn’t lament on my lack of fish; I had a flight to catch the next morning to Louisiana. Excellent. David J. Sams, founder of Lone Star Outdoor News, arranged for me to attend a seminar on coastal issues that was put on by the National Wildlife Federation. After struggling with other travelers to board … read more »

Jul 25 Baton Rouge Advocate: Anglers learn about marsh

When Andy McDaniels turned north from Barataria into the marsh near Little Lake early Wednesday morning, he was turning a page in his fishing life. After a few minutes coaching from charter skipper Nick Rando and a few more frustrating minutes trying to figure out why he couldn’t land the speckled trout that were blasting … read more »

May 18 Flooding's Impact on Wildlife: VP's Chris Macaluso on CNN

Vanishing Paradise’s own Chris Macaluso talks about how animals impacted by the current flooding are reacting—and what you should do if you encounter wildlife looking for dry ground. from CNN … read more »

Apr 20 Sacramento Bee: Help for Gulf Wetlands Still Vital After BP Spill

Editorial- A year ago this week, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and unleashed the largest U.S. offshore oil spill in history. While this spill might seem like distant memory, its lessons shouldn’t quickly be forgotten. … BP has returned to handing out campaign contributions to key members of Congress, but it is being more … read more »

Feb 24 Detroit Free Press: Mississippi Delta's fish are fine, but wetlands vanishing

The most important news out of last week’s Bassmaster Classic on the Mississippi Delta wasn’t the $500,000, four-time victory by Kalamazoo’s Kevin VanDam. It was the concern by VanDam and many other top tournament anglers that there won’t be a Delta for them to return to if we don’t soon stop the erosion that’s wiping … read more »

Feb 23 The Times-Picayune: Southeast Louisiana fishing faces a very uncertain future


Bob Marshall’s column for the Times-Picayune is worth reading for anyone who cares about the future of fishing (and hunting) in Louisiana: At current rates of erosion, subsidence and sea-level rise, most of the wetlands the pro fished in the last week will be part of the Gulf in 40 years. That’s the bad news. … read more »

Feb 20 Baton Rouge Advocate: Iaconelli helps group's Vanishing Paradise program

Michael Iaconelli knows the highs and lows of fishing Louisiana. He qualified for his first Bassmaster Classic in 1999, the first time the Louisiana Delta was host to the most well-known bass tournament in the country. … “You know I can’t forget what this area means to me,” Iaconelli said Thursday, the day before the … read more »

Feb 02 Louisiana Sportsman: B.A.S.S. pro Iaconelli supports Vanishing Paradise effort

Bassmaster Elite Series pro and national fishing show host Michael Iaconelli, who will compete in the Bassmaster Classic set for New Orleans later this month, has announced his support of the Vanishing Paradise program that aims to raise awareness of the need to restore and protect Louisiana’s coastal wetlands, the Louisiana Wildlife Federation announced today … read more »

Jan 14 Wildfowl: Paradise in Peril

A new feature article in Wildfowl magazine focuses on Louisiana’s disappearing wetlands: Camera shutters clicked as tour guide Bob Marshall shared from a well of knowledge gathered during 40 years of fishing and hunting in the sprawling marshes southwest of New Orleans. “See that?” Marshall asked, pointing to a free-floating, basketball-sized chunk of soil covered … read more »

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