Charles Faircloth

Pro Staff Charles Faircloth I am 27 years old. Married to am amazing woman named Kathryn. We have two boys, Mason-8, Easton-3. I live in Troy, Alabama. I love to hunt, fish, and train duck dogs. But my main passion is waterfowl hunting. Since my first time going when I was 5 years old til now, I have been completely obsessed. Having chased ducks and turkey all over the southeast something about the delta has always had me hooked. I never understood if it was the unique landscape or lifestyle, or the abundance of wildgame. I love spending as much time as possible in south Louisiana/Mississippi. Whether it is ducks or redfish there is nowhere else I’d rather be. I enjoy working with Ducks Unlimited as a chapter chairman and looking forward to working with vanishing paradise to ensure that my two boys and my future grandchildren will be able to enjoy the lifestyle that has given me so much. I also staff for companies such as Mossy Oak, Hevi-Shot, and guide in south Louisiana for Southern Duckmen. It’s not just a passion; It’s a way of life. God Bless

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