Karen Brigman

Karen Brigman Karen Brigman is an avid waterfowler, shooting enthusiast, and an all-around outdoorswoman. Her passion for the outdoors began on hands and knees, crawling into the snow in her backyard in Reno, Nevada. She developed an affinity for the land and its inhabitants by exploring the neighboring wild Sierra Nevada mountains and the cold, dry Great Basin high desert. She attributes her love of shooting sports to an early introduction to firearms by her family, but did not have the opportunity to learn the tradition of hunting from them. Getting her start as a young girl in the rifle marksmanship arena, she fell in love with wingshooting later in life after accompanying some friends on a duck hunt. She has since immersed herself in the ‘grand spectacle’ of bird hunting and the camaraderie of clay shooting sports. From the deep satisfaction that comes from working with a loyal dog in the field to the intricacies of laying out decoy spreads, Karen is as passionate about preserving and promoting the tradition as she is about sharing that love with others.

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