Sean Rabalais Turner

Pro Staff Sean Turner billiot trout 006 Sean Rabalais Turner, age 9, is in fourth grade with Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy (online) so he can go hunting and fishing as much as possible. His parents, Franklin and Marissa Turner, produce The Outdoor Kitchen Show, a television program that runs in the Greater Baton Rouge area and features outdoor adventures and recipes to go with them. Sean is frequently co-host of the show and has interviewed both adults and children on subjects from hunting, fishing, and outdoors safety to cooking outdoors and even coastal restoration projects. He loves target shooting, especially with his compound bow, and is on the 4-H Shooting Sports Archery Team for Ascension Parish. Sean is passionate about his environment and hopes to be involved in the outdoors even when he grows up – hopefully as a hunting and fishing guide with his own lodge, he says.

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