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The latest news, updates and events from our campaign to protect and restore the Mississippi River delta.

Feb 04 Good Conversations On Tap

Sometimes the best conversations happen over a brew at the local pub. Last year, the Vanishing Paradise team hit the road to meet with sportsmen and women at coastal breweries in Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. With our various event partners, these Conservation on Tap sessions brought together hunters and anglers to talk about conservation and

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Jan 29 Vanishing Paradise Brings Conservation Message to 2016 SHOT Show

IMG 1569 creditNSSF - SHOT Show 2016 [Photo courtesy of National Shooting Sports Foundation]

SHOT Show 2016 Attendees of the hunting and shooting sports’ monolithic trade show – The SHOT Show – are often overwhelmed by sensory overload. With 64,000 attendees and aisles of firearms and associated products stretching 12.5 miles if you lined them all up, keeping one’s head on straight is a challenge. However, as veterans

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Jan 19 Sportsmen Businesses Call for New Louisiana Governor to Commit to Restoring Coast

Vanishing Paradise and 124 outdoors businesses send letter to Governor Edwards (BATON ROUGE, La. – January 19, 2016) Today, a group of 125 Louisiana sportsmen businesses and organizations sent a letter to the state’s new governor, John Bel Edwards, asking that he stand firm on his campaign commitments to restore Louisiana’s coast. The letter was

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Jan 15 Bonnet Carré May Temporarily Impact Louisiana Sportsmen, Conditions Likely to Rebound Quickly

Erin with canvasback

Written by Emily Guidry Schatzel and Erin Brown This is the second in a two-part series on the Mississippi River high water event, the opening of the Bonnet Carré Spillway, the potential to utilize sediment for restoration and the possible impacts to hunting and fishing. The first part can be read here. Heavy winter rainfall

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Jan 14 Spillway Opening Highlights Need to Harness Sediment to Restore Coastal Habitat

BC Spillway opening - On January 10, 2016, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers opened the Bonnet Carré Spillway to relieve pressures on levees, sending up to 250,000  cubic feet per second of sediment-laden water from the Mississippi River into Lake Pontchartrain.

This is the first in a two-part series on the Mississippi River high water event, the opening of the Bonnet Carré Spillway, the potential to utilize sediment for restoration and the possible impacts to hunting and fishing.

On January 10, 2016, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers opened the Bonnet Carré Spillway to … read more »

Jan 06 Deadline Approaching for Louisiana Sign-On Letter to Gov.-elect Edwards

This Friday, January 8th, is the final date for CEOs, presidents or board chairs to sign their business or sportsmen club onto the letter to Louisiana’s Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards urging him to make a firm commitment to coastal restoration during his administration. Louisiana is truly a sportsman’s paradise, but the coast is quickly vanishing.

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Dec 01 Upcoming Conservation on Tap Event in New Orleans

COT NOLA webgraphicx600

Come visit with the Vanishing Paradise team next week in New Orleans for our next CONSERVATION ON TAP event. Coastal Louisiana will soon receive billions of dollars from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon settlement. Join us at NOLA Brewing Co. and find out about the opportunities and risks of this game-changing funding source. Brewery tour and

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Nov 25 A Year of Coastal Restoration Milestones

Give thanks canvacreation

The Gulf Coast ecosystem, and Louisiana’s Mississippi River Delta, is a region in dire need of comprehensive restoration. We all know the harrowing statistic facing coastal Louisiana: every hour, a football field of land vanishes off the coast. According to historical averages, Louisiana loses 16 to 25 square miles per year. The rest of the

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Nov 21 Thankful for Duck Season in Louisiana and Great Family Memories

erins family - Tom, Tommy, and Erin Brown. November 15, 2015

Teal season closing weekend. September 26-27, 2015. Here we are, mid-November in Louisiana. As the seasons start to change, the cool fronts of fall bring flights of migratory birds into the rich Mississippi River Delta. This means one thing for sportsmen and sportswomen of the area… duck season! Louisiana had a very successful teal season

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Nov 10 Sportsmen Celebrate BP Settlement with Wide Open Marsh Fishing

DSCN3722 - Tony Taylor (left), owner of Louisiana Sportsmen Magazine and Ray Hill (casting to the bull hole) of WileyX sunglasses fishing the end of the Southwest Pass, Mississippi River.

Tony Taylor (left), owner of Louisiana Sportsmen Magazine and Ray Hill (casting to the bull hole) of WileyX sunglasses fishing the end of the Southwest Pass, Mississippi River. The Vanishing Paradise (VP) team hit the marsh spot-on for wide-open fishing at the beginning of October to celebrate the BP settlement. Vanishing Paradise, along with industry

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Oct 22 Vanishing Paradise Welcomes Sportsmen Outreach Coordinator

erin holding up the ducks

Erin Brown is the newest member of the Vanishing Paradise team, joining the campaign as Sportsmen Outreach Coordinator. A native of Covington, La., Erin comes from a long line of Louisiana outdoorsmen. Her father was a commercial fisherman who is now a wetland biologist, and her family is full of avid hunters and anglers. She

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Oct 14 Conservation on Tap Event, Gulfport, MS

Conservationontapflyer10132015 791x1024

Grab a beer and chat with Vanishing Paradise and the Mississippi Wildlife Federation. Deadline to register is Thursday, October 15th!

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Oct 13 Louisiana's RESTORE Dollars Should Not Be Redirected from Coastal Restoration

temp 201411baratariaflyover creditkdwNWF

Recently, Gov. Bobby Jindal asked coastal restoration officials to change state policy to allow some of the BP oil disaster settlement to be used to pay for part of the remaining $350 million extension of Louisiana Highway 1 connecting Port Fourchon with Golden Meadow. Under the RESTORE Act, a portion of the Clean Water Act

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Sep 11 Brad Young, Steve Bender: "Secure the Mississippi Coast's future"

This letter originally appeared in the 9/11/15 release of the Clarion-Ledger. This summer, the Justice Department, the five Gulf Coast states and BP announced an $18.7 billion agreement in principle to settle all of the remaining state and federal claims against BP. For wildlife in the Gulf, this is welcome news. Though the legal wrangling

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Sep 01 Outdoor Kitchen Show: "This is a lot of money. Don't mess it up"

This letter originally appeared in the 7/20/15 release of The Creole. Whether you saw it on Facebook or read it in an actual newspaper, most of us know that on Thursday, July 2, the Department of Justice and the five Gulf states reached a settlement with BP for the 2010 Gulf oil disaster for $18.7

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Aug 25 Why Estuaries Matter to Sportsmen

VP Duck hunters

The Gulf of Mexico estuaries are among the most productive natural habitats in the world. Estuaries are areas where rivers meet the sea, mixing freshwater and saltwater and creating some of the most productive habitats anywhere on the planet. They serve as spawning, nursery, and feeding grounds for nearly all of the Gulf’s recreational fish

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Aug 13 RESTORE Council Releases Priority List of Gulf Restoration Projects for Funding

Vanishing Paradise Calls List ‘Critical Step Forward for the Gulf’; Landmark Opportunity to Restore Habitat with BP Settlement Today, the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration (RESTORE) Council released its Funded Priorities List (FPL) – a compilation of restoration projects the Council intends to prioritize for funding following the 2010 Gulf oil disaster. These projects will be

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Aug 05 Inaugural Louisiana Coastal Candidate Forum to be Held in Thibodaux

2015 Coastal Candidate Forum

Coastal restoration is one of the most important issues facing Louisiana and should be a top priority. Please join us August 18th at Nicholls State University for the upcoming Coastal Candidate Forum, where Louisianans can hear from gubernatorial candidates on a variety of coastal issues from restoration funding to diversions. Participating Candidates are Public Service

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Jul 17 Conservation Corner: Telling Our Story with Rommel

As many of you know, the wetlands along the Gulf of Mexico are subsiding at a rate of a football field almost every hour. These marshes are not only an invaluable resource for hunters and anglers, but also our first line of defense against hurricane storm surges. Here at Vanishing Paradise we never pass up

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Jul 09 Significant Portion of BP Settlement Funds Slated For Coastal Restoration

BP Settlement coverage   Red Snapper photo - photo credit: NOAA

credit: U.S. Navy Louisiana’s anglers got a particularly rough deal out of the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill: Robust salt-and-freshwater fishing grounds were closed— some up to a year post-spill— and even five years later, many aquatic species are still suffering from ongoing impacts. But last week’s news of BP’s settlement agreement for $18.7 billion was

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Jul 02 Vanishing Paradise Responds to Landmark Gulf Oil Spill Settlement Announcement

Today’s Agreement on Settlement Dollars Puts Gulf on Road to Recovery This morning, BP, the U.S. Justice Department, and the five Gulf states made public the terms of a settlement agreement regarding the company’s role in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. BP will pay $18.7 billion in penalties and damages for its role in

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Jun 04 New 'Hydrocoast Map' Methodology Gives Louisiana Anglers Insight into Estuarine Activity

Scientific Analysis of Salinity, Weather Patterns, Water Movement Helpful for Recreation and Commercial Fishermen Today, scientists at one of Vanishing Paradises’ partner organizations the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (LPBF) released details of how “Hydrocoast Maps” track pollutants, fish activity and salinity in Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain Basin in hopes of encouraging similar mapping efforts of other

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Apr 29 Gulf Restoration and the 2015 Sportsmen's Act

JamesJack credit Lew Carpenterx600 - Credit: Lew Carpenter

I’m writing this on the 5th anniversary of the BP Gulf oil spill. And my concern for the health of Gulf wetlands is as strong today as it was before the spill.

Credit: Lew Carpenter I’ve been fishing out of Venice, Louisiana for the past 15 years – before Hurricane Katrina and before … read more »

Apr 16 Vanishing Paradise welcomes new Sportsmen Outreach Coordinator

twyla cheatwood formerly of La Seagrant

Twyla Cheatwood brings fisheries knowledge, science background, field experience to new role

Vanishing Paradise is pleased to announce the addition of Twyla Cheatwood to its staff as a Sportsmen Outreach Coordinator. Based in New Orleans, Cheatwood will work with hunters and anglers in Louisiana and Mississippi to educate and engage them on restoring … read more »

Apr 10 Louisiana's Specks Five Years Later

Chris Bush Trout rounded - Photo courtesy of Chris Bush

Significant events become part of the fabric of our lives. Everything from personal occasions like wedding days to national traumas like September 11 are seared into our memory banks and are recalled again and again, as if in HD. For many, the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig was just such an event. For

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Mar 11 Outdoor Industry Launches Conservation Initiative

Article recently posted to Field & Stream announces industry partnership to directly support conservation. Did you know that the U.S. federal government spends less than one percent of the budget on conservation and protection of water, air and soil? Fortunately, the outdoor industry is stepping up in a big way to protect public lands, wildlife

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Feb 12 Join Us: Exciting Opportunities & Milestones

VP hatx700

This year is shaping up to be an important one for the Vanishing Paradise team. It is an election year in Louisiana, and it is important that all of the candidates running for governor know that coastal restoration is important to the people of Louisiana. Restoring Louisiana’s disappearing coastal wetlands is an issue of economic

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Jan 29 Making Coastal Restoration Sexy?

Wiley X Booth 32211 SHOT2015

The Vanishing Paradise team once again attended the international Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show. Each year, more than 60,000 individuals from across the country and across the globe come together to present their latest and greatest products for hunting and tactical use. At the show, celebrities mingle with industry types, and booths vie for

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Dec 09 How to Improve the Gulf's Fishing and Hunting Habitats

IMG 0078x600

The fish and wildlife habitats of the Gulf Coast provide great recreation for sportsmen and women from all over the country. Regrettably, the region is losing more wetlands than anywhere else in the U.S. It is critical to sportsmen and to the economy to restore these vanishing wetlands, but it’s going to take a monumental

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Nov 07 Texas Sportsmen to Gov. Abbott: BP's Oil Spill Fines Must Restore Coastal Habitats

“This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not only to bolster our state’s natural resources, but also to support and expand industries that rely on a healthy Gulf Coast.” Texas’ hunters and anglers want the governor’s office to use BP’s oil spill fines to restore wildlife habitats on the coast. That’s the message in a letter signed

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