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The latest news, updates and events from our campaign to protect and restore the Mississippi River delta.

Jul 29 Join Us in Mississippi for Wildlife Extravaganza!

MWF extravaganza

Vanishing Paradise team is headed this weekend to the Mississippi Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Extravaganza held in Jackson, MS. In partnership with the Mississippi Wildlife Federation, VP is hosting an education booth to discuss coastal restoration and RESTORE Act implementation with the 20,000 attendees at the annual sportsman’s trade show. The ‘Ganza will kick off with

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Jul 25 Vanishing Paradise Spreads Message of Coastal Restoration to World's Largest Sportfishing Trade Show

CosbyRed credit lew - Artie Cosby of Top Brass Publishing ( with a nice bull red caught off the Mississippi River Delta. Photo by Lew Carpenter

From every corner of the globe, 11,000 exhibitors, buyers and media converged on the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) July 15-18 for the world’s largest recreational fishing trade show. The 57th International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, better known as ICAST, produced by the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), is the global showcase for the latest

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Jun 26 Hunting and Fishing Industry Mourns the Passing of a Great Artist

Chris Armstrong - Chris Armstrong and a big bull redfish while fishing out of Venice, LA, during the annual Marsh Madness event.

- Chris Armstrong and a big bull redfish while fishing out of Venice, LA, during the annual Marsh Madness event. This past spring, the hunting a fishing industry lost a talented and intuitive artist named Chris Armstrong. I worked closely with Armstrong during my tenure as editor of Western Outdoors magazine, and a strong friendship

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Jun 04 Water: It Connects Us All

United States rivers and lakes credited

I recently attended National Wildlife Federation’s Annual Meeting of affiliates. Sitting in the closing session of the meeting, I was inspired to see people from all different cultural, political, geographic and economic backgrounds coming together to better our nation’s conservation future. Over the course of three days, forty-nine NWF affiliate conservation organizations met in Baltimore

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May 29 Invasives Take a Bite Out of Wetlands

Nutria  - Photo: USFWS

Most anglers know that Asian carp are harming this nation’s fisheries, from the Upper Midwest down to the Gulf Coast and eastward through the Ohio River watershed. What many do not realize, however, is that other exotics also are doing severe damage. They don’t receive as much publicity because their range is more limited. But

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May 21 Coastal Restoration and the 2014 Louisiana Legislative Session

Louisiana State Capitol Building creditChrismicelix600 - Louisiana State Capitol Building, Photo by Chrismiceli

- Louisiana State Capitol Building, Photo by Chrismiceli UPDATED – Things are ramping up in the world of coastal restoration in Louisiana. Some Gulf oil spill money is in sight, restoration projects are underway, and the legislature is keeping all of that in mind. Following are some of the important bills making their way through

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Apr 25 Looking Back, Moving Ahead

Sunset from the boat

This past week, four years after the Gulf oil disaster began, BP declared active clean up complete in Louisiana. However, volumes of oil continue to surface, and studies from both the field and laboratory continue to indicate that the full impact to coastal Gulf habitat is far from over. New scientific studies show how the

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Apr 16 D.C. Students Given Tour of La. Coast

Sean Turner, March 2014

Hi, my name is Sean Turner and I’m in 5th grade at Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy, and the youngest member of the Vanishing Paradise Pro Staff. Recently, Mr. Chuck Perrodin (with the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority ) asked me to talk to 25 high schoolers from Washington D.C. about our coast and what we’re

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Feb 27 Get the science right: Diverting river sediment is key to saving the coast

sediment wasted

David Muth stresses the importance of diversions to the coastal wetlands of the Mississippi River Delta in a recent article on The Lens.

The Mississippi is certainly not our grandfather’s, or even our great-great grandmother’s river. We don’t generally have to face with dread the danger of crevasses and flooding each spring and … read more »

Feb 07 Garret Graves Announces Resignation

people_Garret Graves - Photo courtesy LA CPRA

- Photo courtesy LA CPRA This week, Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) Chairman Garret Graves announced he will resign on February 17. Vanishing Paradise greatly appreciates Graves’ tireless efforts to restore the Mississippi River Delta. Faced with multiple serious storms and the nation’s largest oil spill, Graves made significant strides toward creating a

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Feb 06 Vanishing Paradise Team Attends SHOT Show 2014

SHOTShowimagecourtesyNSSF - SHOT Show, photo courtesy NSSF.

There’s one trade show during the year that hosts the entirety of the hunting industry – SHOT Show. Attracting industry professionals from the United States and more than 100 other countries, the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) shattered attendance records in early January. It is giving industry professionals good reason to believe

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Jan 17 Exploring Restoration Solutions

“Rivers have a rhythm. The rhythm is seasonal, dependent on winter snow and spring rains and spring snowmelt. The rhythm is erratic, like the weather that it depends on; one year, the river may swell but never top its banks. The next, the river may swell so greatly that it overtops its natural banks, filling

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Dec 10 Celebrating A Sportsman's Paradise: The rewards and risks

LewJack 700notext - Lew Carpenter displaying the diversity of species that rely on a healthy marsh with this Jack Crevalle. Photo by James Hall.

- Eric Cosby of Top Brass Tackle and the organizer of Marsh Madness with a bull redfish off the South Pass of the Mississippi River. Photo by Lew Carpenter During the significant and enduring fight to restore Louisiana’s wetlands and hold BP accountable for the damage caused by the 2010 Gulf oil spill, it is

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Dec 06 Late Start to Migration Could Prove to be Blessing in Disguise

kyle calling retriever cropped

The warmer weather across North America delayed migration slightly, impacting hunting up and down the Mississippi Flyway. In my home state of Missouri, up the river from the delta, the teal season did not open with a bang–far from it. The teal opener was poor statewide. One September morning, I was grateful to scrape up

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Nov 27 3 Reasons to be Thankful this Thanksgiving

The Vanishing Paradise team has many reasons to be thankful this year. The recent announcement that nearly $68 million will be dedicated to Mississippi River Delta restoration projects is very good news, but it’s also important to thank those who have lent us a hand to help restore the delta. 1. Our Hunting and Fishing

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Nov 15 Slow Start to Duck Season, but there are 67.9 Million Reasons to be Thankful

bens dead duck - Photo: Ben Weber

- Photo: Ben Weber It’s been a sloooooow start to duck season. The 2013 teal season was pretty much a bust down here in Louisiana. September 2013 went down as the lowest on record for blue-winged teal in the annual waterfowl population estimates conducted by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF). As a

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Nov 01 Blue-winged Teal Weave Thread from the Prairie to Louisiana's Coastal Marshes

teal blog duck release creditline John Pollman - Release of teals.

Corn and soybeans dominated the view out my truck window for most of the four-hour drive from home before the rolling hills of native prairie began to take center stage roughly ten miles from the ranch. Late summer is duck banding season in north-central South Dakota, and when the opportunity arose recently to assist biologists

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Aug 21 Joule's Gems: Why T - R - A - I - N ?

Joule Watson at Splash Dogs 600px - Joule and Watson at Splash Dogs

Introducing Vanishing Paradise’s column about dog training by Pro Staff member Joule Charney as a part of our new Sportsmen’s Life columns.

– Joule and Watson at Splash Dogs There are times when you may question why you are training your dog. Maybe you think your dog is ‘good enough’ already. The query … read more »

Aug 20 Watch Us on SportingDog Adventures This Week

logo_Sporting Dog

Vanishing Paradise joins Jeff Fuller, his three sons Clayton, Cole and Callahan, and the rest of the crew from SportingDog Adventures on an episode airing this week to talk about the waterfowl conservation issue of our generation. The SportingDog Adventure crew travels to the Mississippi River Delta to hunt with Vanishing Paradise to learn about

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Aug 15 Bringing Back a Healthier Louisiana Wetlands

aerial view of fragmented marsh creditline Joel Lucks

Life seems easy on the Louisiana bayou, especially when you’re with good friends and your days are spent fishing for reds and ‘specks and you’re evenings are spent sharing great food and fishing stories. But, there’s an underlying sobering reality that smacks us all in the face every moment we’re on the water; the simple

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Aug 08 The Importance of Wetlands

Pro Staff Joel Lucks

This time of the year, in particular, is the season for hurricanes. And no one region is more aware of it than the residents of the coastal communities along the Gulf of Mexico, particularly those in south Louisiana. The entire Mississippi River Delta juts out into the Gulf like a big bull’s eye on a

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ICAST 2013 horizontal credit ASA - caption this

- caption this For many in the hunting and fishing industry, two key trade shows bookend the vast scope of products, information and advocacy driving our sporting world. The first, and largest at 60,000 attendees, is SHOT Show for the shooting and hunting industry. The second is the fishing industry’s ICAST (The International Convention of

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Jul 18 Thinking big on real restoration: A trip to the Shell Island restoration project

map_Barataria Bay Island Restoration--Far left is Shell Island.

It’s not every day that you find yourself aboard an air-conditioned boat in Louisiana. But for some reason that’s where I found myself on a warm and overcast July afternoon last week. Having been invited to join the Governor for a tour of the barrier island restoration projects just west of Venice in Barataria Bay,

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May 22 Habitat Restoration Can Drive Economic Recovery

ben weber with fish

After years of habitat loss and abuse, the story of the Mississippi River Delta is starting to look a bit different. Following the 2010 Gulf oil spill, a monumental piece of legislation called the RESTORE Act is providing a rare opportunity to address decades of mismanagement and habitat degradation. Among other things, the RESTORE Act

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Apr 03 Vanishing Paradise's New Advisory Council Paves a Path Forward

VPSAC4 all withcaptionl

As efforts to restore the Mississippi River Delta roll forward, sportsmen from across the nation continue to lend a hand – offering voice and influence to rebuild this special place. The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) along with other important partners has been at the forefront of these efforts – nationally and regionally – for decades.

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Feb 22 VP's youngest Conservation Pro Staff member owns the room at RESTORE Council public meetings

Pro Staff sean turner holding restoration sign

This week, the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council is hosting a series of listening sessions throughout the Gulf States to gather public input on how RESTORE Act dollars should be spent. This plan will outline how RESTORE Act dollars will be translated into restoration projects that will shape the future of Gulf coast wetland habitats

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Feb 18 Speak Up This Week for Sportsmen's Interests in the Gulf

graphic_man with dog and fish graphic

After decades of abuse and mismanagement, our delta is one of the most vulnerable in the world. The delta has lost 1.2 million acres of wetlands since the 1930s and loses a football field of wetlands each hour. Right now, hunters and anglers can play a crucial role by attending an upcoming public meeting about

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Jan 14 Lake Lery: South Louisiana Honey Hole Still Recovering After Isaac

I was setting the hook before the hull of my boat had even settled into the water next to one of the innumerable grass beds lining the shores of Delacroix’s Lake Lery. The second cast of the day in the pink, pre-dawn light produced an explosive strike on a topwater Chug Bug and a nearly

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Dec 22 Our Family Tradition: The Christmas Hunt

Diane Glassmeyer retriever at Christmas

One of the most revered traditions in my family has been the annual Christmas-time hunt. My grandfather started this tradition when my uncles were very young. I have carried on this tradition with my sons, and I hope to be fortunate enough to continue it with my grandchildren. I can remember the anticipation that I

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Dec 06 What Would Justice for the Gulf Look Like?

Green Fire Productions aerial image with credit

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I found myself on the bow of an offshore charter fishing boat trying to process the sight that lay before me. We had been working out of Venice, LA since the 2010 BP oil spill began and reports had come in from a charter captain that there was

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